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Get Funding Rate History

Query for historical funding rates. Each symbol has a different funding interval. For example, if the interval is 8 hours and the current time is UTC 12, then it returns the last funding rate, which settled at UTC 8.

To query the funding rate interval, please refer to the instruments-info endpoint.

Covers: USDT and USDC perpetual / Inverse perpetual

  • Passing only startTime returns an error.
  • Passing only endTime returns 200 records up till endTime.
  • Passing neither returns 200 records up till the current time.

HTTP Request

GET /v5/market/funding/history

Request Parameters

categorytruestringProduct type. linear,inverse
symboltruestringSymbol name
startTimefalseintegerThe start timestamp (ms)
endTimefalseintegerThe end timestamp (ms)
limitfalseintegerLimit for data size per page. [1, 200]. Default: 200

Response Parameters

categorystringProduct type
> symbolstringSymbol name
> fundingRatestringFunding rate
> fundingRateTimestampstringFunding rate timestamp (ms)

Request Example

GET /v5/market/funding/history?category=linear&symbol=ETHPERP&limit=1 HTTP/1.1

Response Example

"retCode": 0,
"retMsg": "OK",
"result": {
"category": "linear",
"list": [
"symbol": "ETHPERP",
"fundingRate": "0.0001",
"fundingRateTimestamp": "1672041600000"
"retExtInfo": {},
"time": 1672051897447