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Get Delivery Price

Get the delivery price.

Covers: USDC futures / Inverse futures / Option

  • Option: only returns those symbols are being "DELIVERING" (UTC8~UTC12) when "symbol" is not specified;

HTTP Request

GET /v5/market/delivery-price

Request Parameters

categorytruestringProduct type. linear, inverse, option
symbolfalsestringSymbol name, like BTCUSDT, uppercase only
baseCoinfalsestringBase coin, uppercase only. Default: BTC. valid for option only
limitfalseintegerLimit for data size per page. [1, 200]. Default: 50
cursorfalsestringCursor. Use the nextPageCursor token from the response to retrieve the next page of the result set

Response Parameters

categorystringProduct type
> symbolstringSymbol name
> deliveryPricestringDelivery price
> deliveryTimestringDelivery timestamp (ms)
nextPageCursorstringRefer to the cursor request parameter

Request Example

GET /v5/market/delivery-price?category=option&symbol=ETH-26DEC22-1400-C HTTP/1.1

Response Example

"retCode": 0,
"retMsg": "success",
"result": {
"category": "option",
"nextPageCursor": "",
"list": [
"symbol": "ETH-26DEC22-1400-C",
"deliveryPrice": "1220.728594450",
"deliveryTime": "1672041600000"
"retExtInfo": {},
"time": 1672055336993