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Rate Limit

IP Rate Limit


If you receive an HTTP 403 (Access Denied) response, your IP has been either temporarily or permanently banned. You should immediately review the below guidelines to ensure your application does not continue to violate the limit. If you are still banned after 30 minutes, you likely have a permanent ban.

We do not recommend running your application at the very edge of these limits in case abnormal network activity results in an unexpected violation.

  • GET/POST method (shared):
    • No more than 600 requests are allowed in any 5-second window.

All traffic to or share this limit regardless of if it accesses Spot, Derivatives or Options.

After violating the limit your IP will be banned for a set period of time (usually 30 minutes). Continually violating the limit will result in a permanent ban. We cannot undo permanent bans or shorten temporary bans.

API Rate Limit


If you receive "ret_msg": "Too many visits!" in the JSON response, you have hit the API rate limit.

The API rate limit is based on the rolling time window per second and UID. In other words, it is per second per UID. Every request to the API returns response header shown in the code panel:

  • X-Bapi-Limit-Status - your remaining requests for current endpoint
  • X-Bapi-Limit - your current limit for current endpoint
  • X-Bapi-Limit-Reset-Timestamp - the timestamp indicating when your request limit resets if you have exceeded your rate_limit. Otherwise, this is just the current timestamp (it may not exactly match timeNow).

Http Response Header Example

▶Response Headers
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 141
X-Bapi-Limit: 100
X-Bapi-Limit-Status: 99
X-Bapi-Limit-Reset-Timestamp: 1672738134824

API Rate Limit Table


MethodPathClassic accountupgradable


MethodPathClassic accountupgradable




GET/v5/asset/transfer/query-asset-info60 req/minN
/v5/asset/transfer/query-transfer-coin-list60 req/minN
/v5/asset/transfer/query-inter-transfer-list60 req/minN
/v5/asset/transfer/query-sub-member-list60 req/minN
/v5/asset/transfer/query-universal-transfer-list5 req/sN
/v5/asset/transfer/query-account-coins-balance5 req/sN
/v5/asset/deposit/query-record100 req/sN
/v5/asset/deposit/query-sub-member-record300 req/sN
/v5/asset/deposit/query-address300 req/sN
/v5/asset/deposit/query-sub-member-address300 req/sN
/v5/asset/withdraw/query-record300 req/sN
/v5/asset/coin/query-info5 req/sN
/v5/asset/exchange/order-record600 req/sN
POST/v5/asset/transfer/inter-transfer60 req/minN
/v5/asset/transfer/save-transfer-sub-member20 req/sN
/v5/asset/transfer/universal-transfer5 req/sN
/v5/asset/withdraw/create1 req/sN
/v5/asset/withdraw/cancel60 req/minN


POSTv5/user/create-sub-member5 req/sN
/v5/user/create-sub-api5 req/sN
/v5/user/frozen-sub-member5 req/sN
/v5/user/update-api5 req/sN
/v5/user/update-sub-api5 req/sN
/v5/user/delete-api5 req/sN
/v5/user/delete-sub-api5 req/sN
GET/v5/user/query-sub-members10 req/sN
/v5/user/query-api10 req/sN
/v5/user/aff-customer-info10 req/sN

Spot Leverage Token

GET/v5/spot-lever-token/order-record50 req/sN
POST/v5/spot-lever-token/purchase20 req/sN
POST/v5/spot-lever-token/redeem20 req/sN

Spot Margin Trade (UTA)

For now, there is no limit for endpoints under this category

Spot Margin Trade (Classic)

GET/v5/spot-cross-margin-trade/loan-info50 req/sN
GET/v5/spot-cross-margin-trade/account50 req/sN
GET/v5/spot-cross-margin-trade/orders50 req/sN
GET/v5/spot-cross-margin-trade/repay-history50 req/sN
POST/v5/spot-cross-margin-trade/loan20 req/sN
POST/v5/spot-cross-margin-trade/repay20 req/sN
POST/v5/spot-cross-margin-trade/switch20 req/sN

API Rate Limit Rules For VIPs/PROs

  • The values in the table represent the application upper limit of the corresponding level, and do not mean that users at this level will automatically enjoy the corresponding API Rate Limit by default.

  • Classic account does not support USDC derivatives trading

instructions for batch endpoints

The batch order endpoint, which includes operations for creating, amending, and canceling, has its own rate limit and does not share it with single requests, e.g., let's say the rate limit of single create order endpoint is 100/s, and batch create order endpoint is 100/s, so in this case, I can place 200 linear orders in one second if I use both endpoints to place orders

When category = linear or spot

  • API for batch create/amend/cancel order, the frequency of the API will be consistent with the current configuration, but the counting consumption will be consumed according to the actual number of orders. (Number of consumption = number of requests * number of orders included in a single request), and the configuration of business lines is independent of each other.

  • The batch APIs allows 1-10 orders/request. For example, if a batch order request is made once and contains 5 orders, then the request limit will consume 5.

  • If part of the last batch of orders requested within 1s exceeds the limit, the part that exceeds the limit will fail, and the part that does not exceed the limit will succeed. For example, in the 1 second, the remaining limit is 5, but a batch request containing 8 orders is placed at this time, then the first 5 orders will be successfully placed, and the 6-8th orders will report an error exceeding the limit, and these orders will fail.

Classic account & UTAUTA Pro
VIP 120/s20/s25/s20/s20/s25/s
VIP 240/s40/s30/s40/s40/s30/s
VIP 360/s60/s40/s60/s60/s40/s
VIP 460/s60/s40/s60/s60/s40/s
VIP 560/s60/s40/s60/s60/s40/s
VIP Supreme60/s60/s40/s60/s60/s40/s

How to increase API Limit

Please contact your client manager or email to with the following information. We will reply within 1-4 working days:

  1. Your name and your company details
  2. Your Bybit UID or registered email, and the assets you are trading
  3. General description of your trading strategy and reasons for higher rate limits
  4. Screenshot of previous monthly trading volume (maker/taker) on other platforms
  5. Optional: your order history in CSV format