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Get Affiliate User Info

This API is used for affiliate to get their users information

  • Use master UID only
  • The api key can only have "Affiliate" permission
  • The transaction volume and deposit amount are the total amount of the user done on Bybit, and have nothing to do with commission settlement. Any transaction volume data related to commission settlement is subject to the Affiliate Portal.

HTTP Request

GET /v5/user/aff-customer-info

Request Parameters

uidtruestringThe master account UID of affiliate's client

Response Parameters

vipLevelstringVIP level
takerVol30DaystringTaker volume in last 30 days (USDT). All volume related attributes below includes Derivatives, Option, Spot volume
makerVol30DaystringMaker volume in last 30 days (USDT)
tradeVol30DaystringTotal trading volume in last 30 days (USDT)
depositAmount30DaystringDeposit amount in last 30 days (USDT)
takerVol365DaystringTaker volume in the past year (USDT)
makerVol365DaystringMaker volume in the past year (USDT)
tradeVol365DaystringTotal trading volume in the past year (USDT)
depositAmount365DaystringTotal deposit amount in the past year (USDT)
totalWalletBalancestringWallet balance range
  • 1: less than 100 USDT value
  • 2: [100, 250) USDT value
  • 3: [250, 500) USDT value
  • 4: greater than 500 USDT value
depositUpdateTimestringThe update date time (UTC) of deposit data
volUpdateTimestringThe update date of volume data time (UTC)

Request Example

GET /v5/user/aff-customer-info?uid=1513500 HTTP/1.1
X-BAPI-API-KEY: uQ61dcX0lSe7ygD2EA
X-BAPI-TIMESTAMP: 1685596324209
X-BAPI-SIGN: xxxxxx
Content-Type: application/json

Response Example

"retCode": 0,
"retMsg": "",
"result": {
"uid": "1513500",
"takerVol30Day": "10",
"makerVol30Day": "20",
"tradeVol30Day": "30",
"depositAmount30Day": "90",
"takerVol365Day": "100",
"makerVol365Day": "500",
"tradeVol365Day": "600",
"depositAmount365Day": "1300",
"totalWalletBalance": "4",
"depositUpdateTime": "2023-06-01 05:12:04",
"vipLevel": "99",
"volUpdateTime": "2023-06-02 00:00:00"
"retExtInfo": {},
"time": 1685596324508